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99 Ways to Sell your Home


99 Ways to Sell your Home Faster and for More Money
( part 1)

  1. The rule of thumb is - - if something needs repair, fix it! There are probably many things in your home you have simply become accustom to over time, things you have been promising yourself to attend to. Well, now is the time. The buyer will mentally add up the cost of repairing all those minor flaws and end up with an amount that is generally much higher that what it would cost you.
  2. Check all walls for peeling paint, chipped corners and loose wallpaper.
  3. Large repairs:  In todays climate of open disclosure and vigilant professional home inspections the rule is treat the buyer as you would yourself. Repair any problems with major systems or offer and an allowance for the buyer to make repairs after closing. Always disclose anything that you know about the property. Having been a consumer yourself, you know that buyers will more readily make a purchase decision with someone whom they can trust.
  4. Every area of the home must sparkle and shine! Each hour spent will be well worth the effort. Would you rather buy a clean home or a dirty one? Would you hurry to buy a pair of shoes with mud on them? Neither would a buyer.
  5. Clean all the windows, including attic and garage.
  6. Clean all wall to wall carpeting and area rugs. Clean and polish linoleum, tile and wooden floors. Consider refinishing wood floors if necessary.
  7. Clean and polish all woodwork if necessary. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bath cabinets.
  8. Clean and polish all light fixtures.
  9. Be cautious about selecting colors when painting or replacing carpeting. Your objective here is to make your home appeal to the largest possible buying segment. Ask yourself, How many of the available buyers would be able to move into your house with their own furniture and not have to replace carpeting? Position your home on the market to be as livable to as many people as possible and to allow the buyer to mentally picture the home as theirs.
  10. Forget your personal taste the market is always demand driven. The average buyer will have a hard time looking beyond blue carpeting and bold paint. Consider replacing unusual or bold colors with neutral tones. Two coats of off white paint may be the vest investment you have ever made.
  11. Arrange furniture to give the rooms as spacious a feeling as possible. Consider removing furniture from rooms that are crowded. If necessary, place large furniture in storage.
  12. Pack up collectibles-both to protect and to give the room a more spacious feel. Leave just enough accessories to give the home a personal touch. Pack the rest.
  13. Remove all clutter and make it a habit to pick up clothing, shoes and personal possessions each and every day for possible showings.
  14. Empty closets of off-season clothing and pack for the move. Organize them to demonstrate the most efficient use of space. Leave as few items on the floor or shelves as possible. Keep in mind closets are not for box storage anymore.
  15. Use light to create a sense of space. All drapes should be open. Turn on all of the lights throughout the home for showings.
  16. A clean smelling house creates a positive image in the buyers mind. Be aware of any odors from cooking ,cigarettes/cigars, pets, etc. that  may have adverse effects on potential buyers. Remember that some people are much more sensitive to odors than others. Smokers rarely notice the odor of tobacco that fills their homes, and pet owners may be oblivious to objectionable dog odors.
  17. You can use products like carpet deodorizers, air fresheners and room deodorizers but the best strategy is to remove the source of the smell rather than cover it up.
  18. Unfortunately, often the only way to remove the smell of pet urine from flooring is to rip up the carpeting ,padding and any underlayment and replace them. If this is preventing the sale of your home, do not hesitate to make the investment.
  19. If smoking and cooking odors have permeated your home, have your carpets and furniture cleaned and air out or dry clean your drapes.
  20. Mildew odors are another no-no. Dont allow wet towels to accumulate in hampers or dirty clothes to pile up in closets.
  21. Another source for odors to collect is in your air conditioning filters. Clean the vent covers and change filters at least once a month. High accumulation of dust will detract from the presentation of your home and circulate odors throughout your home.
  22. Once offensive odors are removed, consider adding delightful scents. Recent studies have shown that humans have strong positive responses to certain smells. Cinnamon, fresh flowers, breads baking are all excellent ways to enhance your property for sale.

(continued to next week)
Neysa Leicher, Broker RE/MAX Legacy
Athens, AL

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